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I had hoped that yesterday's stress at work wouldn't get to me, the fact that I woke up at 4am is a good indication that I was being optimistic.

Unfortunately yesterday's problems, (colleagues not knowing what to do or even bothering to try) is likely to be repeated, given that our regular manager is away and we're getting a series of replacements over the week.

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Gah :( Is there anyone you can call for help?

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Thankfully Today and Tuesday weren't as bad as I feared, but sadly I've lost any respect I had for my manager after weeks of bringing issues to her and them being ignored and really don't have anyone else to talk within the job*

To be fair to her, she's got other problems to cope with, such as the restructuring, budget cuts and the resulting job losses, but her approach seems to be to try to bury her head in the sand until the situation resolves itself.

*My boss is sending me to Occupational Health as a means of trying to find coping mechanisms where I don't lose my rag and Traci, my girlfriend has been very supportive, but I not sure what the longterm will be with regard to me working at this library because I can see that the problems will only get worse because the managers don't seem to want to prevent problems happening, only react to them once they do occur.