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barking_watcher ([personal profile] barking_watcher) wrote2009-11-16 08:48 pm

Last Four

3) Galbraith's "Mr G's Luncheon Ale" 3.7% abv
Galbraith's Brewery, New Zealand. Hops used: Cluster, Northdown.
This well-balanced and full-bodied session ale is made from a blend of the finest Czech and English malts, plus American and English hops.

No flavours or aromas noted in the description. It's immediate flavour has hints of berry fruits. The after-taste mellows pleasantly to a rich dried fruitiness.

18) Spinning Dog "Brass In Pocket" 4.3% abv
Spinning Dog Brewery, Herefordshire. Hops used: Bramling Cross, First Gold
It is a chestnut-coloured, malty ale, with hints of chocolate, late hopped to provide a smooth hoppy after-taste.

Sharp, almost metallic/salty immediate taste. It develops into an earthy after-taste, reminiscent of dark chocolate.

23) Toshi's Amber Ale 4.4% abv
Toshi Ishii, Japan. Hops used: Centennial, Millennium, Simco
This amber ale has a sweet, malty flavour, balanced by a hoppy character and herbal and citrus fruits.

Very bitter, no hint of the sweet malty or herbal flavour. Immediate taste was just undefined sharpness with grassy / green vegetable after-taste.

27) O'Hanlon's Red Ale 4.5% abv
O'Hanlon's Brewery, Devon. Hops used: Challenger, Stryian Goldings.
Copper-ruby in colour, it has a mixture of toffee and fruit in the aroma and a voluptuous balance of fruit and hop notes in the flavour.

Vaguely got a hint of the toffee aroma. Quite sharp bitterness for immediate taste.

Outside of the festival, I also had a Shepherd Neame I'd not seen before "Late Red", very pleasant, had a slight citrus flavour that reminded me of the Shandy my Dad used to make with R Whites Lemonade and Ruddles County.