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barking_watcher ([personal profile] barking_watcher) wrote2009-11-08 10:47 am

More Beer Notes

The latest 3 beers

15)Coach House "Old Wharf Bitter" 4.2%abv
Coach House Brewery, Cheshire. Hops Used: Styrian Goldings
A dry, light roast palate, hints of malt and a delicate, toffee nose.

Couldn't detect the toffee, a pleasant session beer, well round and smooth bitterness

25) Davenports "Last Minute" 4.5%abv
Highgate Brewery, West Midlands. Hops Used Hallertau
A golden cask prepared using lager malt and 3 varieties of Hallertau hops, giving a light bitterness and a taste which is clean, with a tangy edge.

Not bad for a lager, it's certainly an improvement on super chilled, fizzy pop variety. No distinct flavour or aroma to speak of. Gentle bitter after-taste.

37) Mordue Newcastle Coffee Porter 4.7%abv
Mordue Brewery, Tyne and Wear. Hops Used: Challenger, Fuggles
A delicate coffee aroma, leading to a complex flavour, with hints of chocolate.

Definitely no coffee, despite the addition of Fairtrade beans in the brewing. Pleasant but lacking in the classic porter after-taste.

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