barking_watcher: (Gaming_LRP_Walker)
barking_watcher ([personal profile] barking_watcher) wrote2009-04-14 10:33 pm

(no subject)

Had a great weekend LARPing at Maelstrom. It was such an intense event, that I got that weird feeling that I've only ever experienced before after being at a really good BiCon.

I had forgotten I'd been given permission to take today as leave as well but instead of doing something useful like clearing away my kit I've been take perverse pleasure at all the Emo and Angsty posts about character deaths at [ profile] lrpdrabbles.

I'm hoping I'll be able to show you what my attempt at growing a beard turned out like. I know a couple of people photographed me so with any luck I'll be able to find them online and then link to them.

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