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T'ai Chi & Stuff

Write up of my day

Do to my own stupidity and whatever train service runs through Lewisham I was late for my 1st class but most of the lesson was taken up by talking through the philosophy of T'ai Chi. We did exercises for the last 20 mins or so.

The first one we did was probably the hardest for me, just laying on the floor, relaxing and emptying my mind of any thought. It was bizarre, I hadn't realized up until then that I don't switch off unless I'm asleep. I was aware of about a dozen thoughts chasing around my head and I only managed to dispel them just before with moved on the first movement exercise.

Now I'm sure this has a nicer name in Chinese but I call it the Zombie pose. You start with your feet slightly apart, your hands by their sides.

Slowly raise you arms up, keeping your fingers pointed down. Continue to raise your arms and slowly extend your fingers until your arms are 90 degrees to your body. Slowly lower your arms until your hands back at your sides. Repeat for 10mins.

It was amazing, I could feel the stress flowing out of me, it was the closest thing I've had to a spiritual experience for a long time.

Finally got round to the Beside the Seaside photo exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. A very interesting study of the phenomenon of British seaside holidays. There were some marvellous Pathe/Movietone clips of places like Margate and Blackpool. The Blackpool one was especially fab as it was very early colour film stock from the '30s and the rides at the Pleasure Gardens looked better than what's on offer today.

This evening I did another MRI scan test of the Institute of Psychiatry, quite a unique one in the my performance in the test dictated how much money I was paid. My performance was affected by the glasses I was wearing so I only managed to get £25 instead of £30 but not bad for an hours "work".

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Tai Chi is ace, I miss it a lot actually!


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I never knew you had done T'ai Chi. You've probably missed the chance to find an evening class for this term but most classes will have a January sign-up if you're still interested.