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For Libby and anyone else

High Heels improve your sex life
BBC story

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Well, the story seems to be well propogated, and Dr Maria Cerruto is a real urologist who's written a number of papers, so she probably did make the study. Whether its findings are accurate or not is another matter.

I can imagine it being true to the extent that one of the reasons human women tend to have trouble with pelvic floor weakness is that we walk upright and on the whole of the foot, rather than on all fours and on the toes like most mammals, so the muscle use will be very different. I suppose walking on high heels could correct that to an extent.

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Have now edited entry because what I wanted to ask was whether anyone could confirm the findings from personal experience but that is a rather personal question to expect people to answer.

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Yes, I got that that was what you wanted to ask - I was messing with you a bit. I'm mean like that.

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You certainly are, bad girl, no biscuit

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maybe, but they also screw up tendons in your legs, and if you wear really high heels too often you can get to a stage where it is difficult to put your foot flat on the floor, as happened to a girl I went to uni with.

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Hmmm, I barely wear heels so I can't give you the personal experience answer you were after I'm afraid.

But I haven't had any complaints......