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barking_watcher ([personal profile] barking_watcher) wrote2007-12-24 07:26 am

2007 Peer Review

As seen on [ profile] spikeylady and [ profile] hieroglyphe

I've seen this in other journals and thought it would be a valuable to me too.

All comments are screened initially, but will be unscreened by discretion. However, if you ask me to keep it screened, I will do. Anonymous is on if you want to make use of it.

Tell me what you thought of me this year, what I did that as good and what was bad.

Things you are happy about and things you are unhappy about, and why.

Perhaps recall a memorable occasion or remind me of something I shouldn't forget.

Once I have enough stuff, I'll collate the comments into a 'peer review', keeping all content anonymous, so you can see what you all think of me. I'll try and keep the bad as much as the good in there, but if anyone says anything too personal or mean or any secrets, I reserve the right to edit.

I'll make an addition. What would you like to do with me in 2008? Can be filthy.

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