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barking_watcher ([personal profile] barking_watcher) wrote2007-12-17 05:45 pm

Weekend Update

Just got back from seeing my Mum for her birthday/early Xmas. I totally bottled having a talk to her about the problems she has with my lifestyle, she seemed so stressed and not just because of the move. Coping with my sisters and their loser boyfriends seems to be causing her a lot of problems but typically she didn't want to talk about it with me.

Back to work tomorrow, I'm kind of looking forward to it, though not sure why. Will have to find out if the library is open on Saturday, I'm due to work but I'm not sure it will be open.

I'm thinking of going to see I am Legend on Boxing Day, if anyone else is up for a visit I'll find suitable venues and times.

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I Am Legend - yes, could do! Any suggestions for where?

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I'm pretty flexible about where, if you'd prefer somewhere closer to home, rather than trekking into central London that would be OK 'cause I'd probably just drive down.

BTW it doesn't have to be Boxing Day either, if a different day is going to be better for you.