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2009-11-16 08:48 pm

Last Four

Last of the Festival )

Outside of the festival, I also had a Shepherd Neame I'd not seen before "Late Red", very pleasant, had a slight citrus flavour that reminded me of the Shandy my Dad used to make with R Whites Lemonade and Ruddles County.
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2009-11-05 08:50 am

More Beer

So here are the notes of the beers I've tasted so far

Wetherspoon's Winter Beer Festival )
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2009-11-04 08:50 am

Better late than never.

I suddenly realized that I hadn't got round to writing up and posting my tasting notes from the Wetherspoon's Spring Beer festival, this was prompted by the fact that they've just started their autumn one

The line up for the current one looks OK, if only they hadn't tried to link every beer in some way to 1979, (the year that Wetherspoon's were established). As gimmicks go, it's relatively harmless unless you shudder at the thought of drinking a pint of "Boss Hogg."

Spring Beer Festival Tasting Notes )